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Words of Wisdom – B K Shivani of Brahma Kumaris

What is beneficial for our soul will automatically be beneficial for society, for society is just the collective consciousness of all people put together. If all of us choose anger, then very soon our society will become a very violent society. Similarly, if we choose peace, soon, we will have a peaceful society.

When I see something wrong, I can either take right action or I can shout about it and do nothing or I can be angry and put it right as well. I always have three option to do something. Would you rather get angry, create turbulent energy and then sort things out? That would result in depleting my own energy, too. The best way would be to take proactive steps – I accept that something is wrong and take the responsibility to do something about it – and I do it. That would be a proactive contribution towards creating a transformation that will bring about a permanent change.

People around me may not always be doing the right thing, but it is up to me how I am going to face it.
B K Shivani