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Sasthamkotta Dharma Sastha Temple Annual Festival – Sasthamkotta Temple Utsavam

Sasthamkotta Dharma Sastha Temple is located at the picturesque town of Sashtamkotta in Kollam District in Kerala. The annual temple festival or Utsavam is held in Malayalam Kumbham month. The festival attracts scores of devotees. Sasthamkotta Dharma Sastha Temple annual festival 2016 beginning date is February 16. The main festival day is February 25, 2016. The festival ends with arattu on Feb 25

The utsavam lasts for ten days. The flag is hoisted on Rohini nakshatra heralding the utsavam.

The tenth day hosts the ‘Kettukazhcha’- a procession of various effigies of bullocks, horses and decorated chariots.

Caparisoned elephants and fireworks is major highlight on the tenth day.

The utsava murti worshipped in the shrine sits atop a caparisoned elephant and gives darshan to devotees.

Unique rituals are observed during the weeklong festival. A fair too is part of the festival.

Traditional performing arts, music, songs and other cultural activities are held during the period.

The utsavam culminates with the ‘araattu’ on ‘Uttram’ in the month of Kumbham (February-March).