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Quotes from Vishnu Purana on the Purity of River Ganga

The offences of any man who bathes in Ganga River are immediately expiated and unprecedented virtue is engendered.

Its waters, offered by children to their ancestors in faith for three years, yield to the latter rarely attainable gratification.

People who offer sacrifice in Ganga to the Lord of Sacrifice, Purushottama, obtain whatever they desire, either here or in heaven.

Saints who are purified from all soil by bathing in its waters and whose minds are intent on Keshava, acquire thereby final liberation.

This sacred stream, heard of, desire, seen, touched, bathed in, or hymned, day by day, sanctifies all beings, and those who, even at a distance of a hundred leagues, exclaim ‘Ganga, Ganga’ atone for the sins committed during three previous lives.
Vishnu Purana 2.8