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Muthuthala Maha Ganapathi Temple Thalappoli

Muthuthala Maha Ganapathi Temple is located at Muthuthala in Palakkad District, Kerala. The temple is located around 8 km from Pattambi. The shrine is dedicated to Ganapati and the Thalappoli ritual is observed in Malayalam Makaram month. Muthuthala Ganapathi Temple Thalappoli 2016 date is February 12.

Thalappoli is a unique ritual in Kerala. In the ritual, women and young girls carry thalam (plate) in their hands. Thalam is filled with rice, flowers and a lighted lamp. It is a symbol of prosperity.

In some temples, only unmarried girls are allowed to take Thalappoli.

The temple is decorated with plantain, tender coconut, coconut leaves and lamps for the occasion.

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