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Kallukunnu Bala Subrahmanya Swamy Temple Thaipooyam Festival

Kallukunnu Bala Subrahmanya Swamy Temple is located in Idukki District. The shrine is dedicated to Muruga or Subrahmanya. The annual pooyam festival is observed in Makaram month. Kallukunnu Balasubrahmanya Swamy Temple Thaipooyam festival 2017 date is February 10.

Special pujas, rituals, abhishekam, Subrahmanya sahasranama archana and numerous other activities are held on the day.

Various types of Kavadi are taken to the shrine. Kavadiyattam and colorful procession of Kavadis are a major highlight.

It is considered highly meritorious to perform puja and take blessing of Sri Subrahmanya Swami on the day.