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Thiruvenkitachalapathy Temple Makara Chowa Festival near Guruvayur – Thiruvenkidom Makara Chowa

Thiruvenkitachalapathy Temple is located in Thrissur District. The annual Makara Chowa is an important and auspicious date in the temple. Various rituals are held here on the day. Thiruvenkitachalapathy Temple is located near Guruvayur. The festival is dedicated to the Bhagavathy worshipped in the shrine. Thiruvenkidom Makara Chowa Makara Chowa festival 2017 date is January 17.

Makara Chowa is observed on the first Tuesday of Makaram month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Kerala.

The festival is inaugurated ten days in advance by hoisting the flag and the collection of para (conventional offering of grains to the full measure by devotees to the Bhagavathy) by the Komaram, starts the next day.

Komaram is a person supposed to be possessed by the power of the goddess and is in an ecstatic state and whatever he says and does is believed to be done by the goddess. For this purpose the Komaram visits every home to the accompaniment of drums etc.

Besides the temple court yard will be filled with paras on the day of the festival, offered by devotees direct to the temple. The acceptance of these paras by the Komaram at the end of the festival procession is a colorful ceremony charged with devotion.

Procession with caparisoned elephants at noon and early morning and the final rites in the pattupanthal are the important features of the festival. Now laksharchana is also being conducted on the day. Special aravanapayasam (sweet dish) is prepared on the day.

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