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The Virtuous are Empowered to have Ultimate Victory – Ramayana

A first class leader does not make a decision without consulting, with open mind, wise experienced ministers, friends who have been faithful throughout life and family members who have proven their love and after taking that council and seriously considering every word of it depending upon the higher power of God or providence for right direction. A second class leader with his own intelligence searches his own heart what’s best to do and then after considering everything takes full responsibility. A third class leader is one who hastily attacks or does something serious without due consideration of the pros and cons.

In the battle, the virtuous are empowered to have ultimate victory and the sinful are doomed to defeat.

Sita is like a serpent; Her charming smile her fangs; Her shapely form is her coils; Her caste faithful love for Lord Ramacandra is like the venomous poison that is going to be the cause of your death. Give up Sita and live. By fighting with Rama you are putting a noose around your own neck.

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