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Muthuthala Ganapathi Temple Kalam Pattu

Muthuthala Ganapathi Temple is located at Muthuthala in Palakkad District, Kerala. The temple is located around 8 km from Pattambi. The shrine is dedicated to Ganapati and the Kalam Pattu ritual is observed in Malayalam Makaram month. Muthuthala Ganapathi Temple Kalam Pattu 2016 date is February 2.

Kalam Pattu is the second stage of Kalamezhuthu ritual observed in many temples in Kerala.
The ritual of Kalamezhuthu develops through three stages - Kalamezhuthu, drawing of the picture, Kalam Pattu, which involves the rendering of the myth related to the deity to the accompaniment of some traditional instruments and Kalam Thullal, the final stage in which the myth is performed in a stylized form following which the Kalam is erased. This art form is multi-dimensional in that it bears religious, aesthetic and social aspects.