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Mathikunnu Bhagavathi Temple Vela Festival

Mathikunnu Bhagavathi Temple is located at Mathikunnu in Thrissur District. The shrine is located around 15 km from Thrissur town. The annual Vela and Prathishta festival in the shrine is observed in Makaram month. Mathikunnu Bhagavathi Temple Vela festival 2016 date is January 28.

The vela and prathishta rituals are observed on Atham nakshatram day in Makaram month.

The kodiyettam (beginning of festival) happens seven days before Atham nakshatram.

Caparisoned elephants representing 19 localities arrive at the shrine in procession with Panchari Melam, Pachavadhyam, Theyyams, Velakkali and other folk dances.

Prasadayoottu is also held on the day.