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Ernakulam Tirumala Temple Festival

Ernakulam Tirumala Devasom Temple at T D Road in Ernakulam. The annual temple festival is observed here in Makaram month. The festival begins on Pooradam nakshatra day in Makaram month. Ernakulam Tirumala Temple festival 2016 date is February 5. The temple concludes on the Revathi Nakshatra day on February 12, 2016.

Various unique rituals are observed during the period.

The festival starts with flag hoisting (dwajarohanam) on the first day and ends with Avabhrithasnanam of the Lord followed by dwajavarohanam on the eighth day.

Special poojas, like Pallakku Pooja, vahana pooja, Kazhcha Seevli, etc. are the speciality of the eight day festival.

Hanuman Araat is observed on the third day of the festival.

Digvijayam of the Lord is celebrated from 5th day of the fesitval. The Utsava murthy of the Lord is taken in procession in the palanquin outside the temple with the accompaniment of Jayabheri, caparisoned elephant, nadaswaram etc.

Lord goes for Nayat (Mrigaya) on the seventh day of the mahotsavam on the Aswa vahanam.

The eighth day is celebrated as the aratu. Pushpakavimana pooja in the afternoon and Swarna Garuda Vahana pooja in the night and Avabhritha snanam in the temple pond are the specialities of the day.