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Chowara Chidambareswara Temple Festival near Aluva

Chowara Chidambareswara Temple is located on the Aluva – Kalady route. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is around 15 km from Aluva. The annual festival in the temple is observed in Makaram month. Chowara Chidambareswara Temple festival 2017 date is February 8. The festival ends with Arattu on February 15.

Various rituals are performed during the period.

The weeklong festival is noted for traditional performing arts, music and other cultural activities.

The shrine is decorated traditionally with flowers, leaves, coconut fronds, plantain, lamps and lights.

The festival concludes with Arattu on the final day.

The annual festival begins on the Thiruvathira Nakshtram in Makaram month.