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All come from one and return to one – Sri Anandamayi Ma

Once a dog came to the ashram to beg for food, Anandamayi Ma placed some food close to wooden tigers that were so realistically painted that they appear as real tigers. The dog obviously was in a quandary. He was eager to eat the food but fear of the tigers kept him from touching it. Anandamayi Ma thereupon remarked that the dog found himself in the position of most human beings who are held captive by their imaginary fears.

The one who is the eternal the atman (true self), he himself is the traveler on the path of immortality. He is all in all, He alone is.

Often Anandamayi Ma uses the analogy of water or the ocean to explain how one can have different aspects. By varying the temperature, one can turn water into ice or steam, without changing its essential nature. Similarly, stormy weather can temporarily divide an ocean into individual waves but when calm returns, the waves merge into the Ocean. All come from one and return to one.
Sri Anandamayi Ma