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Vrishabha Rashi 2016 Predictions – Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Taurus Zodiac for 2016 – How will be year 2016 for Vrishabha Rasi?

For people born in – Taurus Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Vrishabha Rashi, 2016 will be a fairly good year. Good year in career matters. You will start learning new things. Bad habits. Tension in family life. Vrishabha Rashi 2016 Predictions are given in detail below. January, March, June, August, September and December 2016 are good. July and October will be neither good nor bad. February, April, May, July and November 2016 are bad. Predictions based on moon sign or rashi.

Career - Improvement in career matters. Those looking for new job will get one in this year with the help of friends or relatives. Good year for artists and musicians. You will make a career through a talent you have. Those having a career will take up studies for betterment of career – you will learn new technology.  Those looking for job abroad will be lucky in this matter. Those having career of business related to agriculture will have a good year.

Finance - Financially it will be a good year with wealth from various sources. Luck in lottery, games and stocks. You will become stingy this year but will not hesitate in spending wealth on charity. Some of you will renovate or modify home. Gains through sale of ancestral wealth. There will be progress in the family. Extra wealth.

Personal Life - You might create new enemies. Relief in government and legal related matters. Peace in home will be shattered due to unwanted relationships. There will be frequent travels. Journeys will be hectic. Avoid being stiff in matters. Flexibility will bring gains in career and personal life. Those you trusted blindly might cheat you. You might shift to a new residence. Some of you will fall for wanton lifestyle. Might fall prey to alcohol or other intoxicating objects. Your rashi will give luck to mother and children in 2016. Friends will be helpful. Do not jump into conclusion and take hasty action just by listening to other people. Think before you act. Difference of opinion with married partner will increase. Not a great year in romance related matters. Name and fame will increase. Delay in marriage related matters. Some of you might see marriage happening during the last quarter of the year.
Business - Those having shops or doing business related rice and vegetables will have a good year. Business people will get good opportunities. Loss in business due to sudden problems in machines. Competition will increase. Employee related trouble for some.

Health - Chance of accidents or near death experience due to electricity, vehicle, fire, acids, gas or weapons. Relief in an old health issue.

Students will have a mixed year with some trouble in new admission.

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