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Tula Rashi 2016 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Libra Zodiac

For people born in Tula Rashi (Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Libra Zodiac), 2016 will be a good year with career and financial gains. Detail Tula Rashi Astrology Predictions for 2016 is given below. Improvement in family life. Desire fulfillment. Marriage. February, April, June, August, October and November are good in 2016. March, July and December will see both good and bad. January, May and September 2016 are tough periods.

Career - Undesired transfer. Those looking for a job will be lucky in this year. Your career will undergo changes due to modernization. Those looking to join military, police or other such services will be able to do it this year. Trouble from colleagues. Those whose work is related fire and metal will see progress. You will get higher and responsible position. Some trouble for self employed.

Finance - There will be increase income. Extra income in the family. Wealth from an unexpected source. Progress through property deals. Loans will be approved. Loss or misplacement of documents or valuables. Gains from stocks and speculation. Gains from earlier investment. Relief in legal and government related matters. You will get costly gifts. You will waste money on unwanted luxury items.

Personal Life - Good relationship with parents. You will be smart and more active. You will find honest and good friends. Victory for those participating in competitions and games. Siblings might face difficulties. You will meet and get advice from people who are genuine and well learned in their field. Politicians and social workers will have a favorable period. You will have your desires fulfilled. Tension and some trouble regarding new birth in the family. You will be invited to give speech. Auspicious and religious functions in the family. Happy occasions in the family. Auspicious functions in the family. Problems during travels. Success in legal matters. You will make gains through sweet talk. Female members of the family will face difficulty. You might repent for a mistake that you committed earlier. Success in romance related matters. You might decide to end a friendship as it is taking you to bad habits. You will work had for children – they will be needing your help in various matters. There will be difference of opinion with relatives. Marriage as per desire will be decided or held. Problems during travels.

Business - Business people will have a favorable year. Expansion. New partnership. Defeat of enemies.

Health - A health issue will become chronic.

Students will show interest in studies. There will be more concentration. Admission for higher studies. 

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