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Simha Rashi 2016 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Leo Zodiac - How will be year 2016 for Simha Rashi

For people born in – Leo Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Simha Rashi, 2016 will be a fairly good year. Financial gains. Sudden reversal in career. Child birth. Astrology predictions for Simha Rashi in 2016 are given in detail below. January, March, April, July and September 2016 are good for Simha Rasi. February, May, November and December 2016 are neither good nor bad. June, August and October 2016 will see some troubles.

Career - Those looking for job abroad will meet with success. You will have to do lot of hard work this year. You will have to work under pressure from an external factor. Lack of success in interviews and job related tests. Transfer to a distant location. Those looking for job will face some tough situations.

Finance - Luck in games, lottery and stocks. Financial gains through speculation. Loans will be approved. You will get clothes as gift. Problems related to standing surety.  Avoid giving loans. You will waste money on costly beauty products or luxury items. A legal matter that was long pending will be settled in your favor. Awards or help from government.

Personal Life - Those wishing to have a child will have it fulfilled this year. You might deviate from the path of truth. Contacts with famous people. Some trouble due to forgetfulness. Keep things written. You will hear happy and positive news. Success in dance and music competitions. Lack of sleep. Bad and scary dreams for major part of the year. You will not be able to keep promises. You will take decision based on opinion given by spouse. Some of you might stay away from the family. Fights with neighbors or public. Avoid gossips and unwanted talks as it will bring trouble for you. Those having trouble in marriage will make bold decisions. There will be progress in the family. Get-together and you will meet relatives and old friends this year after longtime. Romance will flourish and will be successful in this year. You will be saddened by an event. Those looking to get married will have it fulfilled this year. Travels will be successful.

Business - Self-employed and those doing contract business will face some problems. Business people will have a good year with financial gains. Progress through partnerships. You will overcome competition.

Health - Heath trouble of children will give some tense moments. You will also be spending large amount of money in this matter. Chance of accident – serious injury from electricity, fire, vehicle, weapon, gas or chemicals.

Students will have a good year.