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Karka Rashi 2016 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Cancer Zodiac in 2016 – Kark Rashi

For people born in – Cancer Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Kark Rashi, 2016 will be a fairly good year. Health issues. Career and financial progress. Luck in lottery and stocks. Karka Rashi 2016 Predictions are given in detail below. March, April, July, August and November are good months. February, May and November are neither good nor bad. January, June, September and October are tough months.

Career - Those looking for new job will be lucky in this year. Career progress for some especially by learning new technology. You will get promotion or higher position.

Finance - There will be financial progress.  Gain through properties. Temptation to make investment just by reading an advertisement should be avoided. Loans will be approved. You will take decisions regarding your wealth and property. Legal document will be prepared. Chance of theft at home or during travels.

Personal Life - You will get opportunity to eat good and exotic food. Those who participate in talent shows, dance etc will achieve success. Foreign travel will become a reality. You will need to work hard and take extra care for the success and development of your children in education or career. You will get opportunity to reside for long period with people you like. Progress due to spouse. There will be lack of mental peace due to  unwanted fear of future. You will perform sacrifices for others. Good friendships. Your name will be cleared from scandals or a disgraceful event. You will talk sweetly and politely and this will help in solving many issues. Good year in romance related matters. Those of you wishing to have children will have the desire fulfilled. Problems with neighbors will be solved. You will have constant fear of enemies this year. Fear of darkness and fearful dreams. Those facing trouble in marriage will get opportunity to solve them and restart the life again. There will be unity among siblings. Marriage as per desire. Good year for remarriage. Delayed marriage will be held this year. Those people who are above the age of 50 will see tremendous progress. Sudden death of friend or family member will put all your plans into trouble. You might not show courage when needed. Temptation to participate in immoral activities. Travels will be successful.

Business - Business people will have a mixed year with gains through expansion. Some financial damage due to trouble to machines. 

Health - Poison related problems through animals or reptiles. Surgery or long duration of medical attention will be necessary this year. Might fall prey to a contagious disease.

Students will have an average year.