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Wise words of Prahlada from Vishnu Purana

Every  living  being  takes  birth  and  suffers  a  lot while  passing  his  life through childhood,  youth  and  old  age.  The end result of life is nothing but death.  It is one’s Karma that accompany him birth after birth. But in every birth, this soul mistakes hunger, thirst, cold or hot for the pleasures. More of the luxuries one collects, more the sorrow increases.

Attachment and passion are the greatest cause of sorrow.

Even after passing a life that is full of sorrow, one suffers the agony of death and rebirth again. This whole cycle continues again and again.  Lord Vishnu  is  the  ultimate  refuge  for  the  soul, which  feels  drowned  in  the  ocean  of sorrow.

The soul that stays within me is eternal.  The soul has no distinct stages in life.

A wise person hence must ignore the different stages of his body’s stay on earth and make efforts for this benefit right in this childhood.