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Swami Sivananda Explains Maya

Maya is tempting you in a variety of ways.

The fisherman puts a little bait on the hook. It is not out of love for the fish that he does so. It is not out of compassion. It is not to appease the hunger of the fish. His motive is to catch the fish. The fishes on account of their desire to eat jump towards the hook. They are killed.

A hunter spreads a net and throws a few grains. It is not to feed the birds, but in order to catch them and to kill them. Even so, Maya wants to catch the poor Jiva.

Therefore, She has put a little bit of polish, a little pleasure-coating in the objects. The objects are pleasure centers only for the deluded man who has no understanding, who has not got the subtle, sharp intellect to know the Truth himself, who is caught in the Samsaric wheel, just as the birds are caught up in the net.
Swami Sivananda