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One primary mantra to success is to digest failure – Sri Sri Ravishankar

One’s goal in life should be contentment.
The one primary mantra to success is to digest failure.
Why someone is negative? Because they do not feel good about themselves.
Your body is changing, your thoughts are changing, the mind is changing, emotions are changing, situations are changing… But still you feel there is something in me which is not changing. So that something which is the basis of all change, that something through which you notice the change is the self – the atma, the spirit.
Spirituality is the skill of nurturing, purifying and blossoming one’s all levels of existence.
The antidote for fear is love and service.
The signs of success are a smile that does not fade, confidence that does not wither and a personality that does not get shaken.
Sri Sri Ravishankar

Kati Bihu or Kangali Bihu

Kati Bihu, also known as Kangali Bihu, is a festival observed in Assam and is also known as the poor man’s Bihu. Kati Bihu is observed on the last day of Aswhin Month. In 2018, Kati Bihu is on October 17. Kati Bihu takes its name from the Kartik month which starts from the next day.
It is the time of when the agricultural crops especially the paddy begins to grown. It is known as Poor Man’s Bihu because there is little to eat during the period.
On the day of Kati Bihu, special prayers and offerings are made to Tulsi plant. Earthern lamps or diyas are lit near the Tulsi plant. Prayers are made for improved yields of crops. In some regions, the lamps are lit for an entire month (the Kartik month).
Farmers on the day hung lights from bamboo poles, known as Askash Banti or Sky Lamp, in their farm to keep out pests and other insects.