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Shradh Tarpan And Other Death Rituals For Those Committed Suicide

The rites and rituals on the fourteenth day during the Pitru Paksha fortnight is also offered to those people who committed suicide. The day is known as Ghat Chaturdashi in some regions. Observed in Ashwin month, the Shradh and tapan date for those committed suicide is on September 29, 2016.

There is a popular belief among some devout Hindus that the souls of those people who had an unnatural death wander around and do not rest in peace. Hindus perform special pujas, rites and rituals for the dead person’s soul to rest in peace.

Pitru Paksha fortnight Shradh rites and rituals observed during the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month are considered apt for giving peace to the souls of all types of unnatural deaths.

All Shradh rituals are best performed with the help of knowledgeable elderly person or a qualified priest.