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Within man is the spirit that is the centre of everything – S. Radhakrishnan

In India, ‘Atmanam Vidhi,’ know the self, sums up the law and the prophets. Within man is the spirit that is the centre of everything.

It is incorrect to imagine that the objective process has in it two opposite natures, spiritual and material, of which one must be discarded and the other accepted. These worlds are not separate and hostile. Reality is one with many planes. The material looks upward to the spiritual and finds in it its true meaning.

In man is an intersection of several worlds, none of which completely contains his true self. It exists on several planes and is permanently in a process of creative change. It has need of time to realize its potentialities to the full. It always endeavors to resolve contradictions. It will not do if the spirit establishes unity and control within the nature of the ego. It must conquer the world and transform it instead of denying and abandoning it to its fate.

If there is one doctrine more than any other which is characteristic of Hindu thought, it is the belief that there is an interior depth to the human soul, which, in its essence, is uncreated and deathless and absolutely real.
S. Radhakrishnan