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HWL Poonja on Freedom

Freedom is anything but objective.

No object is freedom.  Go on rejecting everything objective from the mind. Freedom is nothing that the mind can conceive or perceive or understand.

Finally you will arrive at that which cannot be rejected.  Then the mind will be quiet.  Mind will be no-mind: that cannot be described. All description belongs to the objective world only, and consciousness cannot be objectified. In the beginning, when there was nothing, there was consciousness, total consciousness, where no objects and no subjects existed. You are this consciousness.

Starting from the beginning, before the beginning, you are this consciousness, and this consciousness became all that you see.

You are this consciousness itself. For this you do not have to exert, or make effort, or search for any way, or method, or practice.  Somehow you have to arrive here.  How can you do it?  Through Adoration of the Wisdom of the Self. That is consciousness.  Adore  your own consciousness, with wisdom, and you have achieved what you are aspiring for here and now.

HWL Poonja