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Introspect – Detect – Negate – Substitute - Grow and Be Happy – Swami Chinmayananda

Introspect, Detect, Negate, Substitute, Grow and Be Happy

Start today. The tomorrow you are waiting for may never come!!

Seek to discover weakness, faults and animalisms in each day's total transactions: this is called DETECTION

The moment you have detected the weakness and are really ashamed of them, that very moment those wrong traits die! This is called NEGATION.

As soon as a weakness is apprehended and detected, substitute its opposite virtue in your personality. Look out, thereafter, for this play during each day's dealings and it will be found to grow and drive soon into a natural character in you. This is called SUBSTITUTION.

INTROSPECT daily, DETECT diligently, NEGATE ruthlessly, SUBSTITUTE wisely, GROW steadily, and BE HAPPY, FREE and IMMORTAL - be a GOD-MAN.
Swami Chinmayananda