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Swami Brahmananda Teachings

Remember God before beginning the work and remember God in the end.  Also remember Him in between.

Every night before you go to sleep, think for a while how much time you have spent in doing good deeds and how much time you have wasted; how much time you have spent in meditation and how much you have wasted in idleness. . . Onward, onward! Never be satisfied with your present state of growth. Try to create a burning dissatisfaction within yourself. Ask yourself, ‘What progress am I making? None!’ and apply yourself ever more diligently to the task.

Why do you think that you cannot do it because you failed once or twice? One has to try again and again.

With unwavering faith in the words of the guru, the disciple must practice repetition of the mantram and meditation on its meaning. Thus will he find peace.

Swami Brahmananda was the first the first President of the Ramakrishna Order