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Holy Yamuna River More Polluted after Spending 6,500 crore Rupees

Holy Yamuna River is one of holiest rivers in Hinduism and is associated with the leelas of Sri Krishna. Today Holy Yamuna River is more toxic than any other time in the history. This is after spending crores of rupees in cleaning up Yamuna.
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The growth in Delhi’s population to 22 million and the rise of illegal slums has led to a great increase in human waste and rubbish, much of which is dumped in the river. More than 400 million gallons of sewage enters the river from Delhi’s drains without passing through the city’s treatment plants. 
Human ashes, leather tanning chemicals, pesticides and painted religious idols all add to the toxicity. 
Its black, foaming water has been compared to the Thames during the Great Stink of 1858 and has long been an embarrassment to the Indian government. More than £600 million has been spent on sewage treatment plants, toilets, waste pipes and plans have been drawn up to transform it from a large latrine into an urban parkland with waterside paths and playgrounds.
But according to the Indian parliament’s Standing Committee on Urban Development, despite the money spent on saving the Yamuna, the river is more toxic than ever. 
Manoj Mishra, a leading environmentalist and campaigner to save the river, said government officials had created the problem by allowing so much of the Yamuna’s water to be diverted into canals. Haryana state takes 60 per cent before it reaches Delhi, the capital draws ten per cent, and Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, takes 20 per cent. The remaining ten per cent is “100 per cent sewage, waste water, an industrial cocktail in the city,” Mishra said. “The hundreds of millions of pounds spent on cleaning the river have been lost to corruption and wasted on flawed treatment plants, awareness schemes, toilets and beautification - activities where the kickbacks are good.”