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All Beings Are Subject To Constant Transformations – Bhagavata Purana

He alone will attain true happiness, who is convinced of the fact that Supreme Truth is non-different from Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, who are but different aspects of Himself. (Skanda IV, Adhyaya VII)

It is by falsely attributing the bodily attributes to self that one is said to have thickness, leanness, disease, hunger, thirst, fear, enmity, desire, sleep, attachment, anger, egotism, pride and sorrow.

You say I am dead even when alive. But such is the case with all beings for they are all subject to constant transformations.

Bear any feeling constantly towards Hari, whether it be a feeling of love, anger, fear, affection, kinship or devotion and you become full of Him. Do not wonder at this. For Krishna is the Lord of all Lords of Yoga.
Bhagavata Purana

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