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Origin of the name Mallikarjana – Why is Shiva known as Mallikarjana at the Srisaila Jyothirlinga Temple

Mallikarjana is name used to refer to the Shivling worshipped at the Srisaila Jyothirlinga Temple in India. The temple is also known as Srisailam Shiva Temple. The origin of the term ‘Mallikarjana’ is associated with a flower and a tree.

It is believed that the original Shivling worshipped in temple was found by a girl under an Arjuna tree. The Shivling was worshipped with jasmine flowers plucked from a creeper on the Arjuna Tree.

Jasmine flowers flower is known as Malle Poolu or Malle Poo in local language. The name of the flower and the tree was combined to give the name to the Shivling – Mallikarjana.