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Rudreshwar – Shiva as Rudreshwar

Rudreshwar is a manifestation of Shiva. He got the name after He annhilated Gajasura – the elephant and wore its skin. Rudreshwar appeared in the form of Shivling at Kashi. This is mentioned in the Kashi Khand in the Skanda Purana. The popular belief is that those offering prayers to Rudreshwar will attain moksha or liberation.

Rudreshwar Shivling is currently located near the Tripura Bhairavi Temple.

A Rudra kund (pond) was located near the Rudreshwar Shivling – the pond no longer exists. The popular belief is that taking bath in the kund is highly meritorious especially when Chaturdashi (14th day of fortnight) and Arda Nakshatra coincides. As Rudra Kund no longer exists people take bath in holy Ganga River on the day.