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Teachings from Hindu Holy Books on Desire

Whatever activity is undertaken (by beings) is the movement of desires. (Manu Smriti)

The self is identified with desire alone. What it desires, it resolves; what it resolves, it works out; and what it works out, it attains. (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad)

At first in darkness hidden darkness lay,
Undistinguished as one mass of water,
Then That which lay in void thus covered
A glory did put forth by Tapah!
First desire rose, the primal seed of mind,
(The sages have seen all this in their hearts
Sifting existence from non-existence.
Its rays above, below and sideways spread. (Rig Veda Nasadiya Sukta)

Desire is never satisfied by enjoying desire; it only increases as fire when butter is poured upon it. (Bhagavad Purana)