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Pisces Horoscope 2014 – How is Pisces Horoscope in 2014?

For people born in Pisces Horoscope 2014 will be year of fluctuating fortunes. Those that make an effort to tide over crisis will be successful.  January, March July, September and December 2014 will be good and bad for Pisces Horoscope. February, August and November 2014 are good months. April, May, June and October will some tough times.

Career – All ways be positive in career matters this year. Some of you might see job loss but it is not the end of the road as you will be able to find a way out of it. At workplace, you will get additional responsibility. Good year for those looking new jobs – be satisfied with current offer. Sometimes you will not be appreciated for all the good work. Good year for medical professionals. Avoid taking decision in haste. Some you will think about quitting job and turn self-employed. Some of you will have to travel abroad or distant location as part of your job.

Finance – Gains from property related dealings. Some of you will have to pay fines. You will face delay in home and vehicle loans. Monetary position will improve during the third quarter of the year. Financial dealings will be favourable. You will be unhappy with the progress of old investments. Court decisions regarding financial matters will be in your favour. Additional income in the family will be of a relief. You will get money from an unexpected source. Loss from speculation and stock market.

Business – You will continue the good work done in the previous year. Ideal time for those attempting to start own business. A difficult year for those dealing in automobiles. Some will have to take tough decisions regarding business. New partnerships will save a sinking business. Legal issues might go against you. Relief in government related matters. Some of you will renovate your business establishment. Good year for those doing business related to clothes and medicine.

Relationships – Relatives will be your greatest strength. Parents and friends will be of great help this year. Relationships will be fine. You will not be able to pay enough attention in family matters as you will be burdened with other responsibilities. You will meet old friends and relatives. There will be birth in the family. You will be hosting functions etc.

Health aspects will worry you. Heart and eye related troubles for some.

Marriage will be fixed and held. Good year for those looking for remarriage.

Sudden death of a friend or relative will come as shock.

Travels will be successful. Sometimes you will have to postpone your travel plans.