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Life is a process of evolution towards that from which everything has come – Swami Krishnananda

Life is a process of evolution. Towards what? Towards that from which everything has come.

From bliss Absolute we have come, in bliss Absolute are we rooted, and to bliss Absolute are we destined, so that the philosophy and culture of our land is a philosophy and culture of ananda, or bliss. It is not a message of pain, agony and distress. Pessimism is unknown to our culture. It is a culture of exuberant positivity of approach to God, who is the greatest of positivities.

It is a movement from joy to joy that we call the evolutionary process of the soul. It is a movement from lesser truth to higher truth, which is a better way of putting things than to repeat the old opinion that we move from error to truth.

In the glorious kingdom of heaven, which is within everyone, there cannot be error. Error is only misplacement of values. It cannot ultimately exist, and it cannot have an absolute value. Absolute error is unthinkable, and therefore, it cannot be. Absolute falsehood cannot exist.

Everything exists as a relative representation of God’s perfection; therefore, everywhere — even in the so-called erroneous movements of material, psychological and social forces — there is an element of God present, urging all these processes towards His Supreme Perfection.

Swami Krishnananda of Sivananda Ashram