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Poonjaji Teachings

Freedom is to know your own fundamental nature, your own self. Nothing else.

Everything happens through that consciousness in which even emptiness is housed. That supreme power which is beyond the beyond – your own self – to that you have to surrender.

Consciousness is beyond the concepts of birth and death, beyond even any concept of eternity or emptiness or space. That which accommodates the space or emptiness or eternity is called consciousness, within which everything is existing.

Existences and destructions happen ceaselessly. All these manifestation are like bubbles and waves in the ocean; let them happen. The ocean does not find that they are separate. The bubbles, the eddies, the waves – they may appear to themselves as separate, but the ocean itself has no trouble with them. Let them move on, let them have different shapes and different names, coming and going. This body will be the food of worms and ants. From earth it came and to earth it will return. You are that which shines through it. The consciousness is untouched.