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If we understood each other better there would be less evil – Swami Turiyananda

He is indeed wise whose mind does not react though the objects of enjoyment come before him. This is the test. When your mind has attained to that stage, then only you can be sure that it is all right. 

Lust, anger, and avarice – these are but different forms of the same thing. Join the senses to the Lord. That is the best way to teach the senses a lesson.

A suspicious mind sees evil everywhere, a trusting mind sees only good. … A quarrelsome person constantly finds something to quarrel about; a peaceful person finds no one to quarrel with. I find so many people here with fixed notions. They have one set idea that colors everything. … Some people always want to argue. They often have little brain, cannot see a point, still they must argue. Then there are over-sensitive persons. They are always on the defensive. … All these are causes for evil. But the evil is not in the world, it is in the persons. It is all a matter of misunderstanding. If we understood each other better there would be less evil.