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Dhareshwar Shiva – About Dhareshwar Shivling

Dhareshwar Shiva is a manifestation of Shiva mentioned in the Kashi Khand of Skanda Purana. Dhareshwar Shivling is worshipped in Varanasi and in western parts of India especially in Pune and near Gokarna in Karnataka.  

Dhareshwar is also one of the pancha kshetras or five holy places viz., Gokarna, Murdeshwar, Dhareshwar, Gunavante and Sejjeshwar.

The popular belief is that worshipping Dhareshwar Shiva will help in attaining moksha.

As Dhareshwar, Shiva is the one who supports the universe and the five elements.

Another belief is that Shiva is Dhareshwar because he controls the flow of Ganga River on Earth. Earth was not capable of taking the flow of Ganga from heaven. To control the huge powerful flow of Ganga, Shiva took Her on His head.

When Shiva is Dhareshwar, Goddess Shakti appears as Dhareshwar Devi.

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