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Wonderful things can be accomplished through steady practice – Krishna – Arjuna dialogue

Sri Krishna – As a lamp in a windless place does not flicker so also is the mind fixed on the Supreme Self that is not disturbed by selfish desire. Let him gain little by little, tranquillity by means of reason controlled by steadiness and having fixed the mind on the Self, let him not think of anything else. Whenever the mind wanders, let him restrain and bring the mind to the focus of concentration.

Arjuna – This control of mind that you describe is very hard indeed. It is as difficult as trying to control the wind.

Krishna – Yes, but it can be done with steady practice. Wonderful things can be accomplished through steady practice. It becomes easier if we constantly remind ourselves of the goal to be attained. Thinking of That, directing one’s whole conscious being to That, making That their whole aim, with That as the sole object of their wisdom, they reach the supreme state. Even here on earth, the world of duality is transcended by one whose mind is established in equality.
Bhagavad Gita

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