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Solar Eclipse during Diwali 2013 Not Visible in India – Surya Grahan During Diwali 2013

There will be a partial solar eclipse, Surya Grahan, taking place on Diwali Day, November 3, 2013 but it is not visible in India. This is a hybrid solar eclipse and will be taking place in North America, northern South America, southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

As the Eclipse is not visible in India, the Hindu Panchangs and calendar have ignored the Grahan.

The Dubai Time of the Grahan is 5:20 PM to 5:34 PM

Kenya, Nairobi, the Grahan is visible from 4:16 PM to 6:18 PM

New York it is visible from 6:32 AM to 7:11 AM

The Solar Eclipse is not visible in South Africa.

Note - the eclipse is not visible in India.

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