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Knowledge without devotion will be like a misfire – Mahatma Gandhi

Knowledge comes spontaneously to a bhakta. He does not have to wade through big volumes. But he who believes that he will acquire knowledge first and cultivate bhakti afterwards will fail miserably in his aim. No one can acquire knowledge in that way. Such knowledge breeds, if anything, pride. But he who lovingly cultivates devotion for the Lord and constantly thinks of Him gets knowledge without any special effort to that end.

But desirelessness or renunciation does not come for the mere talking about it. It is not attained by intellectual feat. It is attainable only by a constant heart churn. Right knowledge is necessary for attaining renunciation. Learned men posses a knowledge of a kind. They may recite the Vedas from memory, yet they may be steeped in self indulgence. In order that knowledge may not run riot, the author of the Bhagavad Gita has insisted on devotion accompanying it and has given it the first place. Knowledge without devotion will be like a misfire. Therefore, says the Gita, “Have devotion, and knowledge will follow.” Therefore, says the Gita, “Have devotion and knowledge will follow.” 
Mahatma Gandhi