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True Guru Is Never Obsessed By False Notions of Distinction – Ramana Maharishi

A disciple should have an intense and incessant longing to get free from miseries of life and to attain supreme spiritual Bliss. He should not have the least desire for anything else.

A Guru is one who at all times abides in the profound depths of the Self. He never sees any difference between himself and others and he is not in the least obsessed by false notions of distinction. His firmness of self-possession can never be shaken under any circumstances, and he is never perturbed.

Mukti or Liberation consists in the utter annihilation of the ego, or Ahamkara, and the entire destruction of my and mine by any possible means.

Jnana is the utter annihilation of the mind by making it realize its absolute identity with the Atman or the Self, by incessant practice of meditation and inquiry in quest of the Self.
Ramana Maharishi