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Swami Yatiswarananda – Wise Words

Everything reflects the glory of God. Behind our human connections there is the Divine connection: behind all human relationship there is the Divine relationship. Therefore our feeling for all should not be allowed to die. It should be transmuted. During the period of transition and transformation one may pass through a little indifference for a time. But if one holds the ideal clearly before oneself, and scrupulously follows the duties that are to be fulfilled, the former feelings return in a transmuted form, from which attachment has been eliminated, but in which the love for the Divine and the love for others through the Divine remains.

Two dangers are to be avoided. One is to love with human love and falsely call it divine. The other is to become too indifferent to even the right feeling, and be negligent of one’s duties. Both are harmful to spiritual growth.

In order to be of real service to others, we should try to reflect the glory of the Divine in our own life. Then silence becomes more eloquent than eloquence itself, and if speaking be necessary, it too will prove helpful and effective. Furthermore we should practise self-surrender to the Divine in us and outside us. At present our personality is a combination of the false and the true self. As we grow spiritually, the higher self becomes more and more manifest. That which is real in us can never be lost.

Swami Yatiswarananda (1889–1966) of Ramakrishna Mission