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Pitreshwar – About Pitreshwar Shiva

Pitreshwar is one among the numerous names of Shiva. As Pitreshwar Shiva, he is the lord of the pitrus. He governs over the dead. Pitreshwar is worshipped in the form of Shivling. Temples dedicated to this manifestation of Shiva are found in Varanasi and Gaya – both the places are famous for rituals associated with the dead.

The popular belief is that those who offer prayers to Pitreshwar will have the blessing of ancestors. It is also believed that performing rituals and worship to Pitreshwar will help in redemption of sins of ancestors. This will help them in attaining moksha or liberation.

One of the famous Pitreshwar temples is located at Varanasi. There is also Pitri Kund (pond) in the vicinity of the temple. Devotees take holy dip the Kund and offer prayers for the welfare of ancestors.

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