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Satishwar Shiva – Story of Shiva as Satiswar

Satishwar Shiva is one among the numerous manifestations of Shiva. The story of Satiswar Shiva is associated with His marriage to Goddess Sati. Legend has it that Mother Goddess Shakti was born as the daughter of Daksha Prajapati. She was called Sati.

When Sati reached marriageable age, She found no man who could become her husband.

Sati then reached Kashi and offered prayers for a good husband. One day a Shivling appeared on the spot where She was praying. A voice was heard from the Shivling and it stated that She need not perform any more austerities and Mahadev Shiva will Himself become Her Husband.

Shiva as the Husband of Goddess Sati is known as Satishwar.

The Shivling that appeared before Sati in Varanasi is known as the Satishwar Shivling.

The temple housing Satishwar Shivling can still found in Varanasi.