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Vedanta Teachings

Vedanta brings, first of all, the lesson of universal toleration – that there is truth in all religions.

Vedanta points out that all are true for their day and generation. No other position, they say, will stand logical analysis. For, if what we believed yesterday be false because we think differently today, then our today’s belief is equally false because we shall certainly advance from it to another belief hereafter…

The vedantists say that each successive modified belief is part of a main stairway… of progress toward the ideal, of which each particular stair is as necessary as every other…Each individual step, from the lowest to the highest, is necessary and important and true.

Every thought of our mind, every act of our body, has its cause and will in turn be a cause. And what one is today is nothing other than the sum of the thoughts, desires and aspirations of one’s past.

Source - Prabuddha Bharata magazine December 1905

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