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Murti of Jagannath Worshipped in Puri Jagannath Temple is the Body of Sri Krishna

There is a widespread belief that the murti (idol) worshipped in the Puri Jagannath Temple is the body of Sri Krishna. It is stated that the great Niladri Temple of Lord Jagannath was once on a huge blue hill surrounded by a dense forest. During the fag end of Dwapara Yuga, Sri Krishna came to the present area of Jagannath Temple and was resting under a tree. Jara Sabara, a hunter who was searching for the day’s kill, saw the two feet of Sri Krishna and thought it to be the ears of a deer – the feet were so soft and red in color.

He shot an arrow and it struck the feet. As desired by Sri Krishna, this led to the end of the Dwapara Yuga and the departure of Sri Krishna from earth.

When the hunter realized that he had killed a human being, he tried to burn the body. But it was the body of Sri Krishna; it could never be burnt.

So the hunter took the body of Sri Krishna to the sea and left it at Banki Muhana near Puri.

Thousands of years passed and the body became a fossil wood.

King Indradyumna of Nepal had a dream and in the dream, he was told to find the log of wood there in Banki Muhan carve an image from it as he saw in his dream, and install it in the great Jagannath Temple of Puri.

Thus Sri Krishna became Lord Jagannath for the Kali Yuga – Present Age.