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Swami Tejomayananda – Valuable Lessons

Knowledge of Advaita, or Oneness of Self, is dharmika, as it leads to the full integration of society. To love and serve all is the very basis of Self Knowledge and in its light alone can we determine what is dharma.

If you work for someone you love, then again the work becomes a joy.

People complain that their mind keeps wandering while doing japa, but when it comes to counting money, the mind is very attentive and does not wander, because there is love for money!

How can we learn to love God? When you love something or someone, you spend more time with that thing or person. The reverse process is also true - when you start spending time on something like music, you discover subtle joys in it. When you spend time with someone, you develop attachment for that person.

If you spend time with God, you will learn to love Him.
Swami Tejomayananda