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Sage Narada – Wise Sayings

The praises of Narayana even if they are couched in wrong words, even if they are sung all out of tune, will assure of the Grace of the Lord.

Like a pieces of Arni, which, when churned, will give forth smoke first and later fire which will consume the wood itself, even so, the mind of man, when churned by constant devotion of the Lord, will make all the evil in him come out on to the surface. The true satvic nature of man will then blaze forth and, like fire, will consume the bondage of karma and grant him salvation for ever and ever.

Action which is performed in the world with a desire for returns involves man further in the coils of Maya. These same actions, however, when performed without any desire, with a dedicated frame of mind, will only hasten to break the bonds of Maya. Knowledge of Brahman wedded to the path of devotion will help man to perform actions dedicated to the Lord. Soon, very soon, the conditioned Atman will find freedom from the coils and become one with the infinite.
Sage Narada