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Dada JP Vaswani – unclutter the mind to achieve success and happiness

Thoughts are things, thoughts are forces, and thoughts are the building blocks of life. Therefore we must keep our thoughts clean. Whatever we think about, we bring about.

If we wish to be happy, we must unclutter our house — the house of our heart. We must throw out all the joy-killers, the negative thoughts of greed, ill will, jealousy, malice and envy. But throwing these out is not enough – we must fill our minds with happy thoughts – thoughts of prayer, love, kindness, prosperity and peace.

We are so obsessed about external cleanliness that we tend to neglect what’s on the inside, don’t we? And isn’t what’s inside far more important?

When your mind and heart are uncluttered, when they are filled with light, joy-giving thoughts, your spirit too, can soar high!

When you unclutter your mind and cleanse your thoughts, you will find that confidence, hope and optimism fill your mind and you will achieve success and happiness.
Dada JP Vaswani