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Uddhava Gita on Greatness of Devotion

In the case of a devotee who is free from all worldly desires and who has offered himself heart and soul to Me (Krishna), I shine in his heart as his very self. The joy arising from this experience is something that a sense-bound creature can never realize.

I (Krishna) always follow the footsteps of the sage who desires nothing, who is always tranquil and who has enmity to none, in order that all the worlds within Me get purified by the dust of his feet.

Though a devotee of Mine might be under the domination of the senses at the beginning of his spiritual life, with the gradual growth of devotion, he is able to overcome them.

Just as a flaming fire reduces all fuel to ashes, so does devotion to Me destroy all sins obstructing its development.

I can be attained through intense faith and unswerving and whole-hearted devotion. Steady and deep-rooted devotion to Me purifies and elevates even a man of ignoble birth in a society.
Uddhava Gita