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Sage Narada Advice to Yudhishtira

Grieve not for anyone. This world is entirely in the hands in the Lord. He is the one Who brings people together; makes them live together for a while and then part forever.

Consider the bullock. The master pierces its nostrils and threads a rope through it. He then loads the back of the animal with the burden it has to carry. The bullock has to move in the direction in which the master pulls the rope and it has to carry the burden the master chooses to place on its back. It has no choice in the matter. Even so, man is tied by the ropes whose names are Rules of Conduct: Dharma.

Propelled by Dharma man carries to the Home of the Lord the burdens imposed on him. No man is free to do as he pleases.

When a child plays with toys he brings a few of them together, plays with them for a while and separates them as suits his whim. Even so, human beings are brought together in this world and they are parted by the wish of the Lord.

Consider the essential truth about the life of every human being. The human body is impermanent as you know. And the atman is imperishable. Considered either way, there is no cause to mourn the disappearance of the elders.

This body which is the conglomeration of the five elements is governed only by Time. Nothing else is able either to protect it or to destroy it.

Sage Narada Advice to Yudhishtira who was sad after Dhritarashtra left for the forest.