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Ramanujacharya Quotes

This Ramanujacharya Quotes are from English Translation of Sri Ramanuja's Sanskrit Commentary by Dr. S Sankaranarayan. The commentary is for Chapter 2 Verse 18 of Bhagavad Gita.

The root 'dih' means 'to grow.' Hence these bodies (Dehas) are characterized by complexity. They have an end – their nature is perishablity.

Self is eternal, for
(1) It is not a complex being of a single form;
(2) It is the knowing subject; and
(3) It pervades all.

On the contrary, the body is perishable, because
(1) it is complex;
(2) it serves the purpose of experiencing the fruits of Karma by the embodied self;
(3) it has a plurality of parts and
(4) it can be pervaded.

Therefore, as the body is by nature perishable and the self by nature is eternal, both are not objects fit for grief.

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