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Yoga Vasishta – Words To Remove Ignorance

Like the straight thin filament of a lotus stalk which does not part asunder, even though the stalk is broken, all the Vasanas which have been clinging to us from a long time are not and will not be destroyed except through a long continued practice of meditation and introspection.

The wise say that the best thing for a man to do in this world is to give up, without the least longing, Vasanas – all affinities for objects – which cause the mind to fluctuate and take men away from  moksha (liberation) and the stainless path.

Immense wealth, friends, relatives, Benares and other sacred places, bathing in the Ganges and other waters, the hermitage of Munis, religious austerities afflicting the body and other like things are not the sure means of ever reaching the higher state; but it is through the mind’s efforts that the immaculate and supreme Seat can be attained.
Yoga Vasishta